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Aug 03

The Top 6 Cheapest Cryptocurrency That You Can Invest Easily

The Top 6 Cheapest Cryptocurrency That You Can Invest Easily

The market for cryptocurrencies had shown significant growth last year. The industry grew from $17 billion to a massive $600 billion. Had Satoshi Nakamoto been a public figure, his or her picture would have been on the cover of the Times magazine. There are predictions of significant growth of the overall industry this year too. This is because of the interest that companies and governments have shown in the blockchain technology. As an individual, there are many altcoins that you can invest in. You do not necessarily have to go in for the big boys like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Here are six of the cheapest cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018, that have shown progressive growth in the past:


With a market cap of more than USD 13 Billion, this is perhaps the best cryptocurrency to invest in now, that is available at a low price. The coin began its journey from around USD 0.50 and now it is priced at around USD 20. During the time of the bull run, NEO had reached its highs of nearly USD 149 too. This displayed quite a lot of potential in the coin. The purpose of the coin is similar to that of the Ethereum; it is used in the development of decentralized applications and smart contracts. Holding NEO gives you dividend in the form of a coin called GAS, whose price is directly proportional to the price of NEO.


With a ticker XLM, Stellar Lumens is an internationally available decentralized cryptocurrency. The coin is backed by IBM, one of the largest manufacturers of ATMs in the world. The purpose of this coin is to help the people and the banks to perform transactions in a wide range of currencies around the world, all the while looking for the best exchange rates. The advantages of owning a Stellar coin are that the transaction fee is quite low, the transfers are instant, and they are protected by the blockchain technology. Currently, Stellar has the 6th largest market cap in the cryptocurrency industry. The price changes constantly, but remains around USD 0.17 these days, making it one of the most inexpensive cryptocurrencies to buy right now. In its glory days, it was worth around USD 1.10 as well.


The ticker for this coin is OMG, driving an instant interest in it. OMG is a decentralized payments exchange that is built on the platform. Even when there were crashes in the market, there were times when the price of OmiseGO remained quite unaffected, making it one of the most promising cheap cryptocurrencies to buy at that time. The progress of the price in the charts has been slow, but it has shown a stable rise. The fundamentals of the developing team were clear. They wanted a coin that would increase in value as the product improved. There are many announcements that could give this coin significant boosts. These news include partnerships with many potential conglomerates.

Binance Coin

The ticker of the coin, BNB, is more famous than its actual name. This is one of the cheapest coins out there and also one of the most reliable ones. The coin has been developed by the Binance exchange, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Anyone trading on Binance can pay the transaction fee using the Binance Coin (BNB) and the transaction fee for the trade would be halved. This has piqued quite an interest in BNB and people who trade regularly have been lining up to buy the coin; this makes it the next investable cryptocurrency of 2018.


This is one of the cheapest, popular, and most reasonable cryptocurrencies to invest in. It has the third largest market cap in the world, after Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is an open-source and decentralized platform which is used more for its digital payment protocol than its trading. Ripple is available today at a price around USD 0.32, while in its glory days, the prices had crossed more than USD 3.50. Ripple acts as a middleman to the various transactions that are happening around the world in various currencies. If you are a trader, you would consider Ripple as one of your many options since the value of the coin keeps changing almost constantly, giving you endless opportunities to analyse and trade.

Digital Ticks

This is one of the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in. Digital Ticks token name is DTxDigital Ticks is developing a commodity crypto exchange which is 1st of its unique kind combination. DTxprice currently is trading at USD 0.15 which had made a high of USD 0.85 on its launch date.The way the development is happening it doesn’t seems to be far when Digital Ticks Exchange would be one of the favoriteexchange for traders to trade in the crypto world. With the kind of feature like OCO order, Algo trading, Single order portfolio view and more such user friendly features which is a necessity for a trader to trade efficiently.

With the cryptocurrency market being in its constant boom and rise, it’s inevitable for people like us to invest in this new industry. However, it is important to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange. Digital ticks in one such advanced and secure exchange you can bank on.

This article shortlists some of the best cryptocurrencies one can begin investing in, keeping the costs and safety as utmost priorities. The above recommendations are as per our research and there is no direct or indirect holding of the writer, editor, poster of the content.